hanging your favorite hockey stick display that hockey stick to complete your collection

Collecting and Displaying Hockey Sticks


You love hockey. Perhaps you've even played it at some level and have a feel for what it takes to be good. So when you see those elite players at a competitive level you appreciate what great skills, athleticism and guts they have. You find yourself liking to follow a team, and there are players give you a glow and your admiration for them really grows.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a stick that they actually used on the ice? Maybe a game winning goal scorer? Even better if it was autographed! That would be one special prize to show off. It may be the start of a small addiction that could lead to a "shrine" or "man cave". You love to collect hockey memorabilia. But in any case, what good is a special stick if you can’t look at it and show it off? And that doesn't mean sitting it in the corner of the room.

There are many different way to display hockey sticks. Display options range from hanging the stick with shoelaces pinned to the wall, very fancy display cases, to a unique hanger or bracketing system. Showing off your hockey stick properly can really polish off a collection.

Don't ruin the collection by hanging by some old laces pinned to the wall or balancing sticks on rusty nails - and certainly never run screws through the shaft of the stick!

Look through this site and learn about some display options.